Size Chart

Baby clothing general size chart:

0-3 months: height up to 62cm

3-6 months: height up to 70cm

6-12 months: height up to 80cm

1-2 years: height up to 90cm

2-3 years: height up to 98cm


0-6 months: length: 27cm, width: 24cm

6-12 months: length: 32cm, width: 27cm

1-2yrs: length: 37cm, width: 29cm

2-3yrs: length: 43cm, width: 32cm


0-3 months: length: 36cm, width: 21,5cm, sleeve ( measured from neck to cuff ): 27cm

3-6 months: length: 38cm, width: 23cm, sleeve ( measured from neck to cuff ): 29 cm

6-12 months: length: 44cm, width: 26cm, sleeve ( measured from neck to cuff ): 31cm


0-3 months: length: 31cm, width: 20cm

3-6 months: length: 33cm, width: 21cm

6-12 months: length: 37cm, width: 23cm


0-6 months: length: 33cm, waist: 16cm

6-12 months: length: 39cm, waist: 18cm

1-2yrs: length: 44cm, waist: 20cm

2-3yrs: length: 51cm, waist: 23cm