Our Story

Hi I’m Patrice! A Filipina based in Singapore and a mama to an adorable baby daughter, Hannah! 

A full time working mama with a dream of being a “mumtrepreneur” - this was me prior to creating Little Bae Bella. Didn’t we all have a time where we imagined having our own businesses, naming them and being our own boss? It was a longing dream, one I thought was improbable until the global pandemic happened that took away my livelihood.  I was lost and anxious. But deep inside I was certain that this happened for a reason. I had to come out of my comfort zone and stand strong. So I decided to pursue and create something that I am passionate about. With a love for all things baby, fashion, and uniqueness, Little Bae Bella came about! 

Being a mama indeed is a delight and an interesting journey. It is true what they say, shopping for your little ones is endless! I created Little Bae Bella to be a destination of beautiful and distinctive items. Each piece carefully chosen for your little baes. Pieces that are practical, comfortable, unique and of high quality. And most especially, ethical and sustainable.

May this space provide your little baes the best because they deserve it.

Thank you for supporting my little business! ♥